What Is Anarchy TV?

Anarchy TV is a YouTube network based in Houston, Texas, providing a fresh, unorthodox window into music and arts, current events, style, fashion, culture, food, health, and education on many topics.

Who Is Anarchy TV?

Anarchy TV was founded by Rem Zeezy, Lead Film Director of Anarchy Studios Houston. Other content creators and writers include Ace Divine, Chef Demetrius, Ben Franklin, Chino Red, Jasmine Franklin, Alejandro Canales, and Kendrick Norwood, with guest creators being featured in future shows.

When Is Anarchy TV Broadcast?

Thanks to the On-Demand nature of YouTube, Anarchy TV will be available to view 24/7, with new shows and episodes being added weekly and bi-weekly.

Why Was Anarchy TV Formed?

Rem Zeezy has seen the vision and magic of YouTube as a great platform to educate, motivate, entertain, and spotlight Houston in a whole new way. All creators for Anarchy TV share this goal, and strive to bring this vision to life.

What Kind Of Shows Can We Expect?

Anarchy TV will premiere season one with shows about the following topics:

– Food & Beverage
– Musician Spotlight
– Music Videos
– Behind the Scenes of the Music Industry and Studio Life
– Cooking show for Diabetes
– 3D animation and tutorials
– Houston’s underground activities and culture
– Current events and politics
– Music tutorials

New Anarchy TV Shows will premiere 2018 on YouTube. This time the revolution is being televised.

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