Film Production

$5,000.00 starting price

Video is the future, and we provide video solutions including corporate, promotional, web, television commercials, music video production and everything in between. Video marketing has changed how we advertise and promote business. Our skilled video production team believes video is not just a product but a way to create value, and build a brand for you and your company.

Our experienced producers and directors have a proven record of innovation, and success, thus bringing your vision to life. We deliver supreme quality, polished results at competitive prices. Whether you need simple video solutions, or dynamic editing, transitions, text, animation, cool effects, special lighting, green screen, multi-camera, multiple scenes, multiple locations, make-up, stylists, and more.

There are no boundaries for your production. We ensure your project exceeds your expectations by cultivating a unique concept that works for you and your brand. From development, screening, casting, scripting, and story boarding. If your company is ready to take your brand to the next level contact us to get started.

Includes creative consult, custom concept creation, pre-production, mood boarding, story boarding, scripting, post-production, color grading, stylization, sound design, effects and graphics.